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OVERVIEW - Institute of Postgranduate Education (IPE)

- Institute of Postgranduate Education, Vietnam Maritime University is established in  May 15th, 1995 located in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

- Quality of lecturers and administrative staffs: 07 people, consist of: 01 Director; 02 Deputy Directors; 04 Staffs.

- IPE takes the responsibility for organization and managing of doctorate program: 08 majors; master’s degree 17 majors.

- Number of annual enrolment: 40 Post-graduate students, 450 Master students.

- Dimension: 54  Post-graduate students, 800 Master students.

- Address: R.203, A6 Building, No 484, Lach Tray street, Le Chan, Hai Phong, Vietnam.

- Tel: +84.225.3735.879; Website:; E-mail:;


Function: Implementing the tasks of organization, management of postgraduate training of the University (including transnational post-graduate training programs with foreign universities).

Tasks: Be responsible to the Rector for the entire work of organizing and managing the university's postgraduate training; coordinate with professional units in the organization and management of postgraduate training. The Postgraduate Training Institute has the following specific tasks:

Coordinate with professional units to propose directions and plans to develop scale of postgraduate training for training majors.

Coordinate with professional units to set up Master and PhD training programs.

Perform the tasks of admissions and postgraduate training; coordinate with relevant units in postgraduate training admission abroad.

Set up teaching plans, schedules; organize teaching activities, check and monitor the progress and quality of the university's postgraduate training programs.

Coordinate with faculties, functional departments to organize and manage co-training postgraduate programs with foreign partners, postgraduate training projects using the state budget, information about postgraduate training in Vietnam and abroad.

 Preside the drafting of rules, regulations and processes related to post graduate training. Submit to the Rector to issue decisions to promulgate those regulations, rules and processes and promptly propose issues that need amendments and supplements.

Collect, complete statistics, process and store information on postgraduate training management. Be responsible for completing statistics, confirming and drafting contracts for payment of theoretical and experimental teaching work for postgraduate programs.

Implement tasks of the postgraduate training management: organizing admission registration, subject registration; making class lists; schedule of semester exams; managing student test scores and academic records; consider the status of students who are entitled to receive and protect their theses; submitting to the Rector to issue decisions of topics assignment, assign members of the thesis/dissertation committee, set up a Council of thesis/dissertation defense; set up files of the dissertation and thesis defense Council; grant cumulative semester transcripts, full-course transcripts, certification of subject completion; submit to the Rector to issue decision to recognize the graduation; set up documentation of licensing; organize the grant and management of diplomas trained by the University; submit to the Rector to consider and decide on cases of saving enrollment results, transfer of training premises, transfer of training courses, discontinuation of study, continuation of the training course, extension of training duration, expulsion from the training course; advise the Rector to consider and decide on postgraduate cases beyond the training time limit.


+ Complete organizational structure of the Institute, implement clear assignment of tasks, organize activities according to the working regime of the unit approved by the University.

+ Develop and complete the Regulations on Master's degree training of the University according to the Circular No. 15/2014 / TT-BGDDT dated May 15, 2014 by the Minister of Education and Training and the Regulations on Doctor's degree training according to the Circular No. 05/2012 / TT-BGDDT dated April 04, 2017 of the Minister of Education and Training in accordance with the actual conditions of the University and students.

+ Develop projects and get approval from the Ministry of Education and Training to open two majors for master training: Economic Management and Information Technology since 2014.

+ Update, supplement and complete the training program for 7 doctoral majors, 13 master's majors, ensuring modernity, meeting the requirements of the society and students.

+ Complete the process of postgraduate training management under the ISO 9001: 2015 system.

+ Regularly organize briefings for postgraduate training to unify the formulation and standardization of the training organization and management in the University for  the relevant units.

+ Direct to intensify the inspection and supervision of the learning and teaching situation of classes, promptly detecting and handling violations of regulations.

+ Prepare teaching materials, libraries, laboratories ... for postgraduate students, master students to meet all necessary conditions for their effective research and study.

+ Organize and ensure the good quality for the enrollment, defense of Doctoral dissertations and thesis twice a year in accordance with the Regulations. This work is directed drastically, ensuring that the postgraduates complete the subject, defend their thesis /dissertation at Department and University level, students complete and defend their thesis /dissertation on time. As a result, the postgraduates and students all are serious in scientific research, complete their thesis/ dissertations to defend on time.

+ Reasonably use the State's budget for postgraduate training of the University as well as the funding from tuition and training expenses paid by students, in compliance with the Regulations on internal expenditures issued by the University.

+ Strictly follow the regulations on postgraduate training in all aspects of management, storage of records, documents and timely report to the Ministry of Education and Training.

+ Organize the annual Conference on renovating management and improving the quality of postgraduate training in the University, hold quarterly meeting on postgraduate training to serve as a basis for the Board of Directors to consider changing existing issues of postgraduate training management to comply with the new Regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

+ Complete reports of University's postgraduate training at the request of the Ministry of Education and Training.

+ Invest in equipment, classrooms and office equipment to meet the requirements of training and management of students, especially the attendance management system with fingerprinting devices.

+ Organize the enrollment and deployment of five Master training courses in English for domestic students and Korean, Nigeria, Mozambique and Laos students.

+ The quality of doctoral and master's training is significantly improved, recognized by the students and society.

+ Prepare group of lecturers, thesis/ dissertation regular instructors and visiting lecturers who are highly qualified, experienced and reputable teachers and scientists in teaching and science researching in the community of experts.

+ Staffs and experts of the Institute are very active in improving their professional skills, foreign languages, informatics, doing scientific research; annually conduct a ministry-level scientific research project, 2 university-level projects, 2 scientific articles and  participate in international and domestic scientific conferences.